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Start Your First Month for $45

Unlimited Yoga and Unlimited Barre

Rediscover Vitality and Freedom with Improved Mobility

First month $45, no minimum commitment

Feel Better and Live Better: Take Control of Your Health and Stress Levels Now.  Experience the Transformational Power of Yoga and Barre.

Take Charge of Your Wellbeing and Feel Amazing!
With the All Access Membership you get:

• Unlimited access to in-studio classes
• Special Event Access and Pricing
• Bring 2 Buddies for Free

Yoga improves flexibility, mobility, and builds strength while de-stressing the mind.


Barre builds long, lean muscle, low impact movement is excellent for rehabilitating injuries. 


"Within minutes of walking into class, I knew this time would be different.  As I fumbled though my first class, Heather did not make me feel out of place as a newcomer.  In fact, quite the contrary, I felt encouraged and empowered to continue.  

That encouragement continued and has since inspired me to take on more challenges, and positive habits outside of yoga, and continues to draw me towards a healthy lifestyle I could only dream about before attending that first class.  

Getting to go to class, as well as being part of the awesome community at Balanced Movement is most often the highlight of my day.  I’m thankful to have found such an amazing resource in Heather and Balanced Movement!"

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