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Explore our exciting new classes!

We are thrilled to offer a few new classes that will be taught in English but Spanish cues will be given. 

Animal Flow Session

ANIMAL FLOW seems like movements you would find in breakdancing, gymnastics, yoga poses (asana), martial arts, and animal locomotion exercises (like bear crawls). We will spend time preparing and readying the body for dynamic, ground based movement made fun, challenging, and effective. This movement system is designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all movement levels. ANIMAL FLOW has something for everybody! All levels of movers are welcomed and encouraged!


Mind Flow 

In this 60-minute vinyasa class, we'll unite parts of the practice of yoga together on the mat. Breathe through guided movement in community (pranayama in Sanskrit). Listen to your body’s needs and move with attention to muscle activity, joint space, and connective tissue. Reenergize by joining us to practice and flow through yoga poses (asana in Sanskrit). Variations will be offered for your body’s unique functional alignment with the assistance of props. All levels of movers are welcomed and encouraged!

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